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1. Zalamy Rasol
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Saturday, 04.19.2014, 08:07am (GMT+1)  
Afghanistan's Murky Choice /by: Ehsan Azari Stanizai
Friday, 04.18.2014, 11:59pm
The euphoria over Afghanistan’s April 5 elections has begun to evaporate amid allegations of widespread electoral fraud. This weekend’s partial result indicated no clear winner
Afghanistan's children suffer as US pull-out leaves deadly firing ranges    The interview: Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai on Afghanistan
Afghan probe begins in attack on AP journalists    By: Bruce G. Richardson - Russian Intrigue in Afghanistan
Karzai Is Trying to Keep His Sway After Term Ends    Afghan war victim creating 'mind-blowing' paintings after being fitted with a prosthetic arm
In Afghanistan, A U.S. Special Forces Major's Meteoric Rise And Humiliating Fall    BY: DOV S. ZAKHEIM/The Right Man for Afghanistan
By: Bruce G. Richardson - All the News Fit to Print…or Distortion of History    Afghanistan: as China forges new alliances, a new Great Game has begun
Death of Marshal Fahim in delicate and sensitive situation/ By: Nazar M. Mutmaeen    Bruce G. Richardson / CIA: Global Drug Trafficking, Terrorist Affiliations, Political Assassination…Resolution by other (Unlawful, Unethical and Immoral) Means
Interview: Karzai says 12-year Afghanistan war has left him angry at US government    By: Nazar Mohamamd Mutmaeen/ Why Obama Called to Karzai? What had happened?
By Prof. M. Siddieq Noorzoy- The Urgency of Establishing Peace in Afghanistan    From the Bookshelf-A Review:

Afghan soldiers die as Taliban attack checkpoint in Kunar Sunday, 02.23.2014, 10:16pm
Taliban fighters have killed 21 Afghan soldiers in an attack on a checkpoint in Kunar province close to Afghanistan's border with Pakistan
From MRAP to scrap: U.S. military chops up $1-million vehicles http://www.latimes.com/world/la-fg-afghanistan-armor-20131227,0,5362453.story#ixzz2ozifLJFm
A Karzai-aide-turned-ANHAM-executive Turns a Millionaire
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Matiullah Abid, Afghanistan's 'cricket man' Tuesday, 03.04.2014, 09:25pm

Meet a Washington-based Afghan journalist who follows the nation's cricket team as he tries to spread some cheer in a country starved of good news

Thinker of the Thinkers and Presidential Election / Nazar Mohmmad Mutmaeen
By: Bruce G. Richardson / Ethnocentric Russian and U.S. Strategies Imperil Afghanistan
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Annihilation of 17,500 British Empire's Army on Jalalabad Highway Tuesday, 11.02.2010, 09:50pm
After two months and four days of fighting, finally, the British Army was forced to evacuate Kabul. 
We Will Never Accept The Durand Line!!!
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Pashtu and Pashtoons 
Pashtun poets dream of peace in Jalalabad Wednesday, 11.20.2013, 12:56pm

At a relaxed open-air recital, twenty Pashtun poets come together every week to share their dreams of peace, indifferent to the drones and helicopters in the Afghan skies above.

The Pakhtun’s National Unity / By: Mohammad Afzal Khan (Khan Lala)
Pashtun Awakening: Defeat The Taliban By Changing The Narrative – Analysis By: Eurasia Review
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WORDSMITHS, THE NEW AFGHAN WARRIORS Tuesday, 11.26.2013, 06:03pm

At a relaxed open-air recital, 20 Pakhtun poets come together every week in Jalalabad—the heartland of Afghan poetry in a region better known for its warriors than its wordsmiths—to share their dreams of peace, indifferent to the drones and helicopters in the Afghan skies above

In Memoriam of the Homeland - Author Sameuddin Afghani
Z'ma Mor (My Mother) By Ata Khan
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The book (Afghanistan: History, Diplomacy and Journalism) Saturday, 04.20.2013, 10:36pm
The book (Afghanistan: History, Diplomacy and Journalism) you are studying is a summary of my research and work through the continuous years  has written by Dr. Halim Tanwir, historian & journalist.
Recent Publications: My Name is Mohammad
New Book: ‘My Name is Mohammad’ by: Mohammad G. Mohabbat
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News Photos 
Afghansitan's News Photos Tuesday, 06.23.2009, 09:37pm
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Your comments 
Excellent and very informative website Wednesday, 05.05.2010, 08:38pm
My heartiest congratulations to Mr. Bazger for such a great work
Please update the news section
Nice webpage
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Lost in Time: Groovy Afghanistan Saturday, 08.03.2013, 01:14am
A cautionary tale of a vibrant and thriving culture lost in time, these photographs collected on a community Facebook page in Afghanistan are likely to leave you in disbelief
Afghanistan Country of beauty
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Dawat and Contact 
DAWAT is independent publication Tuesday, 11.11.2008, 10:21pm
DAWAT is independent publication. Established in 1988. DAWAT is not associated with any political organization.
DAWAT issues a national request
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DAWAT TV Friday, 08.20.2010, 11:09pm
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Mr. Bruce G. Richardson sits in a room in his Charlestown home with some of his Afghanistan photographs on the walls



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Thinker of the Thinkers and Presidential Election / Nazar Mohmmad Mutmaeen
By: Bruce G. Richardson / Ethnocentric Russian and U.S. Strategies Imperil Afghanistan
By: Bruce G. Richardson/ America’s Robotic Warfare: Hi-Tech. Insidious Para-Killing Machines
Bruce G. Richardson/ From the Archives:
Afghan village built on a Soviet dream collapsing into deadly power vacuum
Bruce G. Richardson / Afghanistan…Scribes, Spies, Interminable War and Profiteers…Questions for Consideration
By: Bruce G. Richardson/ Civilian Casualties during a Time of War, Unintended Consequence, or Calculated Military Stratagem