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International terrorism / By Laiba Yousafzai
Sunday, 11.11.2012, 11:09pm (GMT+1)

On Sunday the 11 March, 2012, an American soldier cold bloodedly assassinated 16 innocent people near American base at Kandahar. The killed were consists of 9 children, 4 women and 3 men. On the same day, near village Buda Bare, in the province of KPK, Pakistan, in a suicide attack 40 innocent people were both killed and wounded during a funeral ceremony. The worry is that on both side of the Durand line the blood of the pushtuns is being spilled. Under the shade of American operation, in some places, Drone attack is lunched and at some places murderous suicide attacks are committed.

The way in which the American soldier entered a house, in the village of punjoey in Kandahar, and carried out indiscriminate killing of fast asleep children, women and men can not be justified by any standard. The most heinous crime was when the same soldier burnt the bodies after having butchered them. This was obnoxious on his part. Can a normal human mind accept this brutality? Can a single man play such an intolerable game? The answer would certainly appear in NO. But for American killing of Muslims in general and Pushtuns in particular because the American has bought the unconscious and lifeless leadership across the boarder and especially the Pushtun leadership. The Afghan president Hamid Karazai’s statement regarding this barbaric killing which he termed it as “International assignation and killing’ was just an eye wash and nothing more than that. What can you expect from the leaders who themselves are at the mercy of these American and totally dependent upon their economical and security back up. How can they demand justice from their master for their subject? 

Will the problem be solved by absenting themselves from the parliament for a day? Will this act of the parliamentarians be able to provide justice to the relations of the slain? Either the killing must be responded in the similar fashion or there is no justification for these parliamentarians to sit in the dummy parliament. If these so called leaders can not safe guard the interest of state and life of their own people then thieves and dacoits are better then them.

No where in Pakistan so many suicide attacks take place as in the province of pukhtunkhaw where Pushtun live. If these are the act of Taliban who are fighting in the name of Islam then why are they destroying our mosques, schools, hospitals and grave yards? Why these people are not attacking discotheque, brothel houses and dance clubs or houses of the political figures? Why on God’s earth pushtuns are made the target? This seems to be a preplanned web. This blood bath is carried on for many years. Now the question arises that what steps have been taken by the pushtuns leadership on both sides of the line? 

Is this not the responsibility of the state to provide guaranteed security to his subject? If a state fails to provide the defined security to his people then that state is termed as a failed state. Killing is carried on both side of the boarder. How long this dreadful and horrified game will continue? Why so much indiscriminate killing of the pushtuns? Why the schools of the pushtuns children are destroyed by blasting and bombing? Is this the deliberate and intentional conspiracy to push us to the Stone Age? We are being denied the education deliberately. Why pen and books are being snatched only from our children? Why only pushtuns whether from Kurrum Agency or Khyber Agency or from Swat are becoming homeless in this country and are wondering in the wilderness? It looks as if a strategy to single out pushtuns and kill them systematically has been planned. In this heinous crime the outer powers and the Pushtun leaders across the boarder are equally involved. Till to day no Pushtun leader of the KPK has resigned in protest for the killing of innocent people in suicide attacks. Even these situations are availed for their own benefits and say their leadership has offered sacrifices.

On the other hand the government of Pakistan is also carrying out the indiscriminate killing of pushtuns and claiming that they are fighting war against terrorism and gaining the sympathies of the world.

The comments of the American representative and the president in which they have said that they were deeply wounded are in no way to heel the wounds of the relations of the victims. Is an apology sufficient to calm the grieved? When it came to us Aimal kansi was handed over to them where the American tried him in the USA court, condemned him and finally hanged him. But when it comes upon their man, (USA) they conveniently declare him psycho and sends him to America for treatment. Is this justice? If he was psycho why did not he kill his own people or shot himself?. There are many cases in the medical history where a psychopath has shot himself.

The inhabitants of village Punjoey are eye witness to this pre planned scheme which in a way is called military operation

This started in the early daybreak. There are many witnesses of such like incidents which recollect that previously also such operations were carried out in this area and other areas. This is a good excuse to declare an American killer a psycho and save him from the prime punishment and provide him the license to kill. It was a disgusting event on the part of so called civilized American. Were the Human Right organizations sleeping? Where was the International court of Justice? Were they on vocation? Where were the self styled Afghan representatives who boast to be Afghan leaders? Will they take this case to the International Court of Justice? Will they provide justice to the mourned? Is American administration not responsible for sending psychopath to the battle field and give them free hand to kill innocent Afghan? How long will this incidents of barbarism continue? Will the time and history forgive the so called champions of human rights? Certainly NOT—certainly not. The nature will take their revenge.

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