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Is karzai predatory warlord, brought to power after the US invasion of Afghanistan? /By: Faheem Nazimi
Saturday, 01.12.2013, 07:36pm (GMT+1)

A reply to a friend.

You must have heard the famous saying that ‘one sparrow does not bring spring’ Lt’s face it. You have been to Afghanistan several times and you have seen for yourself the structure of the Kabul regime. Who is Marshal Fahim?, who is Khalili, Who is Ismael ?, to name a few. In essence the regime is made up of loose coalition made up of   Mujahideen, I would call it ‘wolves in sheep skins’ and the system is run on honorific basis. How on earth you can name it otherwise? Where are your principles of liberal democracy here? Liberal Internationalism after all, has along and honoured place in American foreign policy. As Fukuyama puts it “state sovereignty in the case of Afghanistan and Somalia is a fiction or a bad joke”. Moreover you have had no strategy for Afghanistan. A system based on the tactics without strategy leads to shooting in the dark - you might get some thing done, but it doesn’t   come sustainable or provide you with a path to continue. There have been countless contradictions in your policies towards the country. Afghanistan has been kept in a state of controlled anarchy. I am confidant you will let down Afghanistan as you have done so in the past. History is witnessed to this fact. The poor defenceless, but freedom loving and heroic people of Afghanistan will face it come what may. All the Afghans need at this stage is your financial and moral support and certainly not your military presence.
My approach to the conflict is now collaborating, considering the pooling of the individual needs and goals towards a common goal. Collaboration requires assertive communication and cooperation in order to achieve a better solution either individual country could have achieved. It offers the chances for consensus, the integration of needs and the potential to exceed “the budget of possibilities” that previously limited our views of the conflict. It brings new time, energy, and ideas to resolve the conflict more meaningfully.

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