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Total US withdrawal is totally compatible with Afghan Psychology and mindset / By: Faheem Nazimi
Monday, 01.14.2013, 07:38pm (GMT+1)

The ousting of Taliban from power had raised popular expectations among the people of Afghanistan to finally embrace peace, security, justice and freedom. To their utmost dismay, however all their hopes were dashed? In stead of empowering the common people politically and economically, predatory warlords who were able to brutalize and traumatize their own people by committing human rights abuses were brought to power. It is not surprising that relying on these rapacious warlords in the war on terror or transition to democracy, freedom, security, peace and justice in Afghanistan has been a major blunder committed by the US and its allies. The by- product of which twelve years down the path has emerged in the form of a government that largely survives with support of the united states. Its power is contested by warlords around the country and its legitimacy questioned by surviving of pockets of Taliban fighters. The tenacity of the Taliban resistance seems to be invincible and the logic of the US foreign policy is now that it throws the responsibility of this weak state on to the afghan leadership and contemplating even the zero option policy regarding the total withdrawal from Afghanistan. The majority of the people of Afghanistan, being very independent people, will certainly welcome such a move and would love to see the back of the US troops, provided the international community sincerely abide by the pledges made to provide Afghanistan 8 billion US dollars of international aid for its survival in the years beyond 2014. This will help sustain the present Afghan political institutions and will be able to fight, if need be more independently and more heroically for their survival more then ever before.  The Afghans do not like the presence of foreign troops on their soil. They consider it as an occupation. The post withdrawal of the foreign troops from Afghanistan will provide grounds for the diffusion of tension to a greater degree in the region as many believe that the presence of US troops means continuation of conflict in Afghanistan and in the region at large. Afghanistan does not need US military presence in the country. What Afghanistan really needs is US political and moral presence in the form of infrastructural and super-structural assistance for Afghanistan. 12 years of intense fighting and blood shed and destruction have taken a toll on all the warring factions in the country. The people of Afghanistan believe that it is high time the conflict be resolved by the Afghans themselves through peaceful negotiation. It is high hopes that in the absence of foreign troops peace efforts will ultimately work and peace be restored in Afghanistan. America has always been in pursuit of its own interests and objectives and peace and prosperity in Afghanistan has never been its prime objectives. America failed to bring peace to Afghanistan. America is also failing to create self-sustaining state institutions that can survive the withdrawal of out side intervention, if out side powers are ever to make a graceful exit from Afghanistan.

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