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Fragments of History rescued from Oblivion: Tragedy and Valor of the Afghan/ By General A.A. Liakhovskii
Monday, 01.21.2013, 06:14pm (GMT+1)

In view of the incessant, tireless activities of revisionist historians and those who strive to partition the country under a variety of guises, it becomes an intellectual, sovereign and judicial imperative for a nation to protect its history and its status as a potential litigant under international covenant and law.
In what may become the definitive account of the Soviet/Afghan War, Tragedy and valor of the Afghan (2004 Edition) is currently available from area booksellers. The author, a veteran of the Afghan war and former member of the Soviet High Command serving as Army Chief of Staff, General A.A. Liakhovskii, outpaces his contemporaries with a critical, yet detailed evaluation of the role played by the late Ahmad Shah Massoud during the war. In this work, researchers will find none of the tired clichés, and contrary to many Western warriors of disinformation, Massoud’s treasonous activities are not trivialized nor portrayed as the masterstroke of a tactical genius, as is so often the case with Western government and media-observers.
Indeed, Liakhovskii is harshly critical of Massoud, providing new information that could only be obtained from a high-ranking Soviet official engaged in the day to day minutia and demands of prosecuting a war. Between pages 630 and 674, note reproduced documents, personal correspondence and agreements between Ahmad Shah Massoud and the Soviet High Command, many of which bore the signature of Massoud.
 From the text we learn that:
1. Massoud contracted with the Soviet High Command during April 1980. 
2. Massoud continued to honor his contractual agreements beyond their date of expiry, following which re-negotiations, contracting and subsequent working relationship resumed for the entire duration of the war.
3. A Soviet intelligence “handler” lived in residence with Massoud for years. The handlers code-name was “Anatomy,” (Colonel Anatoly T), and had instructed Massoud in the Communist-philosophy and ideology of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin.
4. Liakhovskii: “Ahmad Shah Massoud planned the dismemberment of Afghanistan from the very beginning. The purpose of which was to united the Tajiks of Tajikistan with their co-ethnics in Afghanistan and to form a Greater Tajikistan over which he would formulate the government and assume the leadership role”.
5. Prior to the Mujahideen entering Kabul in 1992, Massoud infiltrated the city with a group of commandos. Their mission, according to General Liakhovskii, was to locate supporters of Resistance figure Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and eliminate them. During September of 1996, under a directive from Moscow, Massoud offered nanawati (sanctuary) and travel to Panjshir to Najibullah as the Taliban were poised on the doorstep of Kabul, Najib however declined his offer. 
6. Again in 1992, Massoud worked with Najibullah’s artillery and air units, providing them with precise target coordinates of Mujahideen units engaged in fighting the Communist Afghan Army troops who then fell under massive air and artillery bombardments resulting in scores of casualties.
7. That the United States had openly and with devious aforethought, advised the world community that it was arming the Afghan Resistance who were then engaged in fighting the Moscow-supported Kabul Regime. The strategy being to induce or compel the USSR to invade Afghanistan in support of the beleaguered Communist Government, the result of which would, in the view Washington, manifest as an economically unsustainable war and thereby hasten the economic decline and or bankruptcy of the USSR. (For further corroboration of the iniquitous U.S. plot, see: Strategic Vision: America and the Crisis of Global Power, by Zbigniew Brzezinski, 2012, National Security Adviser to President Jimmy Carter).

The forgoing represents but a minute sample of the wealth of information that awaits the author, student, jurist, statesman and researcher in this extraordinary, historical work. Comprised of 600-pages of text and 340 photographs, this massive Russian-language compilation is an absolute must for serious, contemporary researchers. It is invaluable as well to counter efforts from foreign inspired activists who have fallen under the insidious lure and spell of advocating partition of Afghanistan under false banners and who would thereby eviscerate and or endeavor to disallow a united Afghanistan’s just and historically based right to pursue legal war reparations from both Russia and the Unites States at some time in the future. 
Partition, a colonial tactic, would inexorably alter the map of Afghanistan and aid those foreign- sponsored activists who embrace partition and who have and continue to pursue the farcical claim that a sovereign Afghanistan no longer exists and therefore…cannot inherit and or pursue legal claim to war-reparations compensation from Russia and the United States through litigation.
Author’s note: The rendering of General Liakhovskii’s name in this article reflects usage by a majority of Russian publications, including government sources. Translation: Russian-to-English text by Professor Ian Helfant, Department of Slavic Languages and Literature, Harvard University, (2006). Portions of the above text have heretofore been published in Afghanistan, a Search for Truth, by Bruce G. Richardson, (2009).   
Bruce G. Richardson

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