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Press Statement of Civil Society Coordination Center (CSCC)
Saturday, 10.13.2012, 10:55pm (GMT+1)

Press Statement of Civil Society Coordination Center (CSCC)

in Regard to ongoing protests of Students on Renaming Kabul Education and Training University

13 October 12, 2012, Kabul

It is more than two weeks that the education system in Kabul Education and Training University has been deteriorated; teaching lessons are completely stopped and classrooms are empty; there are everyday rallies from university to the parliament; students are continuously approaching members of parliament, authorities and influential people and foundations for possible solution. The space of university is covered by violence,   students are angry with each other; some are with broken arms and some with broken teeth due to violent action of policemen; the order in the city has been disrupted. All this happened because of satisfying a specific faction to support President of Afghanistan in upcoming political situation. The president confessed that he has not taken proper consultation while making this wrong decision but still have not taken any steps for solution.

Students with their civil firmness proved that their demonstrations are peaceful but unfortunately some of our lawmakers and protectors have reacted in a violent way: Qazi Nazir Hanafi hit them with car and the policemen broken their legs, arms and teeth due to instigation by some specific groups.

It is of great concern that this new crisis have not reached to an end in the education system of Afghanistan, the government have not only listened to these serious objections of the students and instead insulted their feelings and demands by adding few words to the new name of the University.

Civil Society Coordination Center (CSCC) which represents around 300 civil society organizations in Afghanistan express its serious concern on this crisis and if it remains unresolved with a proper manner, will create a disaster among the students which will spread to all other universities in Kabul as well.

CSCC would like to express its objections and recommendations as bellow:

1.      We have a strong objection on the president and relevant government officials who have neglected the peaceful and rightful demonstrations of students which led to continuation of crisis that may cause unaffordable loses between youths particularly between students.

2.      We condemned those actions of interior ministry and police officials which undermined their impartiality and professionalism against students and have reacted in a violent way against peaceful rallies. The police will lose their credibility and national trust if they repeat these sort of actions in future.

3.      We call on the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to stop sacrificing national values for satisfying specific groups for political deals and in particular should seriously consider keeping national spirit amongst the young generation.

4.      The current situation of Afghanistan is still shaded and affected by the events and faces remained since the cope of 1979. Judgments at present on these events and involved faces is not historic and in justice and instead is more likely political which ultimately is not accepted by one voice in the nation. Due to this fact, we seriously demand from all government decision makers and administrations to stop renaming places, institutions, academic institutions, Medals and signs, and days on the names of those involved in war since 1979 until the decision is made by the history, people accept it on one voice or at least until the release of truth findings by an independent human rights commission on this period. These actions of the government facilitate ways for national disunity and foreign interferences.

 At the end, we stress that the CSCC firmly support the civil demands of students and teachers of the Kabul Education and Training University and if they are not taken into consideration, will support their rights as per our civil obligations.


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