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By: Bruce G. Richardson- Historical Briefs: The Costly lessons of history:
Wednesday, 09.03.2014, 05:50pm
A study published by the Open Society Foundation says the U.S. drawing intelligence from former KhAD operatives have increased their night-time raids in Afghanistan aimed at non-combatants in order to exploit their possible intelligence value

Mohammad Shafiq/ Afghanistan: Mission Impossible or Mission Accomplished?
Tuesday, 08.26.2014, 09:07pm
Since August 2003, the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) has been engaged in Afghanistan to conduct security operations, train and develop the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF).

By: Bruce G. Richardson/Documented War Criminals:
Monday, 08.25.2014, 01:23pm
Immunized from Trial and Prosecution, not through Independent Judicial Review and Resultant Court finding of innocence of the alleged commission of said crimes… 

By: Bruce G. Richardson / Motives for War
Monday, 08.25.2014, 11:21am
To evaluate American foreign policy, the question of Osama bin Laden has heretofore been the overriding component of serious dialogue or equation

Civilians affected by Military operation in Northeast of Afghanistan /By: Humayoon Babur
Tuesday, 08.19.2014, 09:05pm

Recently over hundreds of families displaces from rural areas, they were moved the narrow down city of Kunduz Province in North east of Afghanistan. 

Taliban and Al-Qaida: Future Relations and Political Activities- By Abd-ur-Rahim Saqib
Tuesday, 08.19.2014, 09:03pm
The existence of both Al-Qaida and Taliban trace their origins to Afghanistan’s two different sensitive stages

  + Bruce G. Richardson/Civilian Casualties during a Time of War, Unintended Consequence or Premeditated Military Stratagem
  + By: Bruce G. Richardson/In the Shadow of the (‘Bolshevik’) Bear…a New ‘Great Game’ unfolds
  + For democracy’s sake, Afghanistan should leave Abdullah Abdullah behind
  + Taliban minister thrown out of Norway in secret
  + By: Bruce G. Richardson - Afghanistan: Durand Line, Greater Tajikistan, Ethnically Biased, Foreign Drawn Demarcations
  + By: Humayoon Babur /Presidential elections collapsed the youth building
  + By: Bruce G. Richardson - Historic Briefs: The Why of War, Oil not Terrorism and the Unindicted War Criminals
  + PAKISTAN: The facts about the military operation in North Waziristan
  + By: Bruce G. Richardson - From the Archives: Coopted News and Analysis, Historical Reference Remains Critical, Relevant
  + Political Divisions Threaten Kerry-Brokered Agreement in Afghanistan

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Mr. Bruce G. Richardson sits in a room in his Charlestown home with some of his Afghanistan photographs on the walls



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