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By: Bruce G. Richardson/ Historic Briefs, Unlikely Allies
Thursday, 05.15.2014, 08:06pm

Who could have imagined that the U.S. and Russia would be of like-mind regarding their respective Afghanistan strategy and policies? 

Afghanistan : Post-election consequences?/ By: Qaribur Rahman Saeed
Thursday, 05.15.2014, 08:04pm

As the final results for the presidential election is expected in a few days, the partial announcement of the  Election commission shows no headway for either runner.

By: Bruce G. Richardson/ Historical Briefs - Franchising Terrorism
Tuesday, 05.13.2014, 12:11am

Though to save lives is laudable, it in no way justifies the employment of means which run counter to every precept of humanity and the customs of war. Should it do so, then, on the pretext of shortening the war and of saving lives, every imaginable atrocity can be justified…General J.F.C. Fuller.

By: Bruce G. Richardson/ Historic Briefs: The Unindicted
Sunday, 05.11.2014, 10:19am
Human rights lawyers in the United Kingdom and Pakistan are seeking arrest warrants for a former CIA Legal Director for approving drone strikes that killed hundreds of non-combatants. 

UK probes 'trophy' pictures of dead Taliban
Saturday, 05.10.2014, 02:46pm

Two servicemen withdrawn from duty over images appearing to show a soldier posing next to dead fighter in Afghanistan.

Tragedy of Afghan child addicts
Tuesday, 05.06.2014, 08:30pm

It is no surprise that tens of thousands of children are exposed to drug use in their homes. But what is worrying is that the use of a glue used by shoemakers and petrol by children is rising alarmingly in Kabul

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Mr. Bruce G. Richardson sits in a room in his Charlestown home with some of his Afghanistan photographs on the walls



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By: Bruce G. Richardson/ Historic Briefs: Unlikely Allies
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