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Tragedy of Afghan child addicts
Tuesday, 05.06.2014, 08:30pm

It is no surprise that tens of thousands of children are exposed to drug use in their homes. But what is worrying is that the use of a glue used by shoemakers and petrol by children is rising alarmingly in Kabul

By: Bruce G. Richardson / From the Bookshelf:
Tuesday, 05.06.2014, 08:18pm
The author, Abdul Qadeer Muhajir has invested twenty years of diligent research in writing this compelling narrative and expose, a manuscript which often entailed physical hardship and personal risk while on a fact-finding mission through six of Afghanistan’s provinces

Afghan forces kill 49 Taliban militants
Tuesday, 04.29.2014, 05:55pm

Nearly 50 Taliban militants and five Afghan soldiers have been killed in an attack by the Taliban in the country’s eastern province of Paktia, an official says.

Saudi Arab: Religious police beats Afghan woman
Thursday, 04.24.2014, 02:53pm

According to the media reports, the police beats woman until it started bleeding from her forehead. The 27 year old Afghan girl suffered burses just because she was not praying on proper time.

Bruce G. Richardson/Afghanistan: Durand Line, Greater Tajikistan...
Thursday, 04.24.2014, 09:46am
Afghanistan: Durand Line, Greater Tajikistan, Federally Administered Tribal Agency (FATA), Foreign-Drawn, Ethnically Biased, Extra-Legal, Artificial Demarcations

By: Bruce G. Richardson - Delimiting Premise, Discourse and Debate: Configuring the War-Narrative
Monday, 04.21.2014, 10:15pm
During a press-conference in 2010, an Obama senior administration official said that the U.S. hasn’t seen a terrorist threat from Afghanistan “for the past seven or eight years

  + Afghanistan's Murky Choice /by: Ehsan Azari Stanizai
  + Afghanistan's children suffer as US pull-out leaves deadly firing ranges
  + The interview: Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai on Afghanistan
  + Afghan probe begins in attack on AP journalists
  + By: Bruce G. Richardson - Russian Intrigue in Afghanistan
  + Karzai Is Trying to Keep His Sway After Term Ends
  + Afghan war victim creating 'mind-blowing' paintings after being fitted with a prosthetic arm
  + In Afghanistan, A U.S. Special Forces Major's Meteoric Rise And Humiliating Fall
  + BY: DOV S. ZAKHEIM/The Right Man for Afghanistan
  + By: Bruce G. Richardson - All the News Fit to Print…or Distortion of History

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Mr. Bruce G. Richardson sits in a room in his Charlestown home with some of his Afghanistan photographs on the walls



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