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Thinker of the Thinkers and Presidential Election / Nazar Mohmmad Mutmaeen
Sunday, 02.23.2014, 10:12pm

People thought that those Afghan politician, who came from east, they were lecturers of the Universities, they knows better and passed difficult exams, after that they called thinkers and Professionals.

By: Bruce G. Richardson / Ethnocentric Russian and U.S. Strategies Imperil Afghanistan
Friday, 02.21.2014, 10:29pm
Former Bush Administration Ambassador to India and Envoy to Iraq, Robert Blackwell argues that “since the present US battle-plan is not going to weaken the Taliban, and Pashtun support for the US is not on the horizon,…

By: Bruce G. Richardson/ America’s Robotic Warfare: Hi-Tech. Insidious Para-Killing Machines
Tuesday, 02.18.2014, 01:53am

America’s robotic warfare has spawned the death knell of heretofore reverential words, phrases and institutions, words, phrases and institutions such as sovereignty, freedom, human rights, due process, legal representation for the accused, adjudication of law, The Hague and Geneva Conventions.

Bruce G. Richardson/ From the Archives:
Thursday, 02.13.2014, 03:47pm

Covert American Aid to the Afghan Resistance; A Top-Secret U.S. Foreign Policy Plot Calculated to Induce and Effect Soviet Military Intervention and Subsequent National Collapse

Afghan village built on a Soviet dream collapsing into deadly power vacuum
Tuesday, 02.04.2014, 06:45pm
When Darwish looked out of his new living room window 40 years ago, he felt as if he'd left Afghanistan

Bruce G. Richardson / Afghanistan…Scribes, Spies, Interminable War and Profiteers…Questions for Consideration
Sunday, 02.02.2014, 12:38pm
Ahmad Shah Massoud’s historiographer, Mansour has accused Abdul Rasul Sayyaf of complicity in the assassination of the late Shah Massoud, according to John Lee Andersen, author of The Lion’s Grave.

  + By: Bruce G. Richardson/ Civilian Casualties during a Time of War, Unintended Consequence, or Calculated Military Stratagem
  + PAKISTAN: More than 100 dead bodies from three mass graves were found in one district of Balochistan
  + Bruce G. Richardson/ Separating Fact from Fiction
  + In Afghanistan, a war that has lost its purpose
  + Bruce G. Richardson /The ‘Fog of War’
  + Some Thoughts on Islamic Economics/ by: Professor M. Siddieq Noorzoy
  + By: Bruce G. Richardson/ War for Profit: America’s Militarism Underwrites Global Arms and Drug Trafficking
  + By: Bruce G. Richardson/ In the Shadow of the (Bolshevik’) Bear…a New ‘Great Game’ unfolds
  + By: Bruce G. Richardson/ Propaganda: Codified as a War Crime under International Statute, Resolution and Convention
  + Taliban Take Girls Back to School

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Mr. Bruce G. Richardson sits in a room in his Charlestown home with some of his Afghanistan photographs on the walls



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